DMI Networks specializes in optimizing banking contracts and agreements for ATM/Debit/Credit Card Processing, Data Processing, Item/Image Processing, Credit Reporting, Armored Car Service, Check Vendor Contracts, Telecommunications, Maintenance Contracts, Internet Banking and others.  We optimize pricing, licensing, terms and conditions, and vendor relationships while increasing flexibility and reducing business risks. 

Discover through our no-cost assessment how your financial institution’s processing and technology services proposals, contracts and agreements rate in areas of pricing, service/support, terms and conditions, and more. 

Want us to negotiate? Our risk-free contingency-based engagements have saved our clients millions of dollars—much more than their vendor’s “best and final” offer. 

DMI Networks Contingency-Based pricing model for all Optimization services is completely risk free and comes with this guarantee: If we don’t save your institution money you do not owe us anything!  Prior to beginning negotiations, a baseline is agreed upon by both parties from which “savings” will be calculated.  If we fail to obtain a price lower than the baseline, there is no charge for the negotiations, and you will have received a complete review of your past purchases, licensing, and terms and conditions (with improvements). 

The fee for these services is a contingency fee based on the approved annual benefit of approved recommendations by your management team.  The fee is determined at the time you approve the chosen recommendations to be implemented.  

Why Choose DMI Networks? 

• Optimization Solutions that fit your business needs. 

• National Scope 

• Truly independent and objective advice. 

• Service you can depend on, intelligence you can trust. 

• A Positive ROI within the first 12 months. 

• Allows you to stay focused on your core business. 

• Hundreds of satisfied clients DMI has the expertise you need, when and where you need it.


 If we don’t save your institution money, you do not owe us anything!