Contract Optimization 

If your Data Processing, ATM/Debit or Credit Card Services, Check Vendor, Item/Image Processing, Internet Banking, Credit Reporting, Armored Car Service, Maintenance  and/or Telecommunications contracts are coming due during the next 10 to 24 months, we may be able to improve your Financial Institutions’ bottom line. We are pleased to introduce our services that will enable your business to save you both time and money while increasing knowledge and providing security. 80% of our clients save 20-50% and 100% never change vendors, unless they want to. 

Our goal 

To assist our clients to achieve a better bottom line through better service agreements.


Past Invoice Optimization - 

We will analyze historical invoice transactions and maintenance payments to uncover any discrepancies between the actual amounts paid for processing, support, services, etc. and the contract price, which is also compared to our market intelligence. We can quantify these discrepancies and help you with a plan to recover the overcharges. 

Contract Optimization - 

We will review your current agreements in relation to your business needs, pricing requirements, and usage patterns. If a better model is indicated, DMI will help you plan a migration to the optimal contract that minimizes costs and maximizes business functionality. If you are out-of-market in any of these areas we will develop a plan to get better rates.

Terms Optimization - 

We will help you secure better terms and conditions for the most flexibility and protection, clearly defining expectations to minimize your risk and maximize the effectiveness of your contracts. We have constructed a database of the industry’s best terms and conditions—including those accepted by vendors which we have customized for our clients—to easily meet your particular business needs. We have a 98% success rate in improving terms and conditions.

Partnership Optimization - 

We have the experience working with many technology companies. We don’t receive payment from vendors—we are the customer’s advocate—but we know your success depends on the partners in your business. For this reason DMI will devise a decisive market strategy that benefits both you and your vendor by leveraging a win/win negotiation that matches their offerings to your business requirements. A long-term relationship with a technology vendor deserves a competitive cost advantage and conscientious customer service. We develop strategies to increase your value to the supplier so the supplier strives to better accommodate you.


 If we don’t save your institution money, you do not owe us anything!