We go beyond the typical process in three specific areas to optimize the procurement of ATM/Debit / Credit / Data / Item /Image Processing Services, Check Product Services, Credit Reporting, Internet Banking and others.  

Our negotiations have a 98% success rate in reducing costs. 

Project Service 

We will provide advice, guidance and recommendations to help your organization make the right decisions regarding your technology projects. Your technology environment may require modifications from time to time for a variety of reasons, including: expansion, downsizing, amalgamation, colocation, new technology, add-on’s, relocation, system replacement, and data network integration. DMI Consultants can help you with transitions in your technology needs by identifying the optimum package of software, hardware, service and support to meet your specific needs. 

Recent engagements have included: 

• Review of technology 

• Needs analysis, present & future 

• Preparation of requests for proposal

• Vendor assessment 

• Supplier negotiation and management 

• Implementation project management

Following evaluation and assessments of vendors that fit your criteria, further negotiation may be requited required to ensure all needs are met at an appropriate cost.  Our wide breadth of industry experience ensures that this process delivers the optimum solution to you. Some clients choose to have their systems reviewed for an hourly rate or fixed fee. Regardless of your preferred method of billing, all reviews are designed to achieve maximum savings and to meet your specific needs. The ultimate purpose of any evaluation process is to ensure that the best solution, at the best price, is implemented to satisfy your needs.  

We ensure the implementation process is executed with minimum disruption to your business.  Scheduling, installation, training, ‘extras’, follow-up and continuing service procedures are all a part of the implementation process that our experienced Consultants manage for you.

1. Past Invoice Optimization 

2. Contract Optimization 

3. Contract Terms Optimization 

4. Partnership Optimization 


 If we don’t save your institution money, you do not owe us anything!